Delta Golf Sierra

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Delta Golf Sierra
Region: Liberalia
Motto: Liberty or Death
National Animal: Ibis
National Hero: Patrick Henry
National Food: Meat Ravioli
Capital: Patrickville
Largest City: New Henrysburg
Currency: Denarius
Government: Representative Democracy
Religion: Christianity
Stats: NSDossiers SunsetRPG XML

The Democratic Republic of Delta Golf Sierra is a nation-state within the region of Liberalia. It was founded on November 1, 2006.


Sierrans believe strongly in minimal government intrusions in private life and in the economy. The tenents of free speech and liberty are held dear; hence the national motto, "Liberty or Death". Elections are held frequently, and there is often near 100% turnout for elections. There are few if any social programs, as the primary role of the government is to ensure the inherent rights of the people while maintaining law and order. There is one legislative body, which consists of representatives from each of Delta Golf Sierra's 24 provinces. Representation is proportional to the population in each province. Another body of government consists of one representative from each region. This executive body acts to check and balance the legislative body. There is no single head of state. All government officials are elected directly by the people. All officials must face re-election every year, with a term limit of 5 years. They are no longer allowed to run for a government position after 5 years, so there are no career politicians. Due to the small size of the government bureaucracy and no social programs, taxes rates are very low. Government funds are used mainly to maintain a police force and a military, and to build an infrastructure in the support of commerce.

Delta Golf Sierra is a member of Liberalia's Conservative Party.


Society and Economy

While all religions are free to practice their beliefs, Christianity is the overwhelming majority religion. Because of this Christian influence, combined with the strong beliefs that life begins at conception and that liberty extends to all human life, abortions are unheard of. Families are often quite large, with 5 or more children per family being very common. Since there is no public school system, families either send their children to private schools or homeschool their children. The population is highly intelligent. Sierrans have a strong work ethic, which translates to a strong economy in the highly capitalist society. Because of the lack of a government welfare program, churches and individuals help those less fortunate in society. Charitable giving is very high. This becomes especially important due to the high frequency of natural disasters in the dominion (see Climate and Topography). Delta Golf Sierra trades freely with other nations, but the economy is not dependent of foreign trade. The dominion has been designated a "Capitalist Paradise" by the UN. The government places few restrictions of buisnesses, allowing the free market economy to thrive.


Climate and Topography

The southern Delta region has a warm, moist climate with long sandy beaches. The northern Sierra region is mountainous, with snow-covered peaks year-round. This varied topography of Delta Golf Sierra results in widely varying weather conditions and the development of strong storm systems over the area. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and snow storms are common occurences. Meteorologists are highly respected and well paid in the dominion.

Image:DGS_map.JPG Image:Lightning_small.jpg


Golf is the most popular sport to participate in during the warmer months. However, due to the high frequency of thunderstorms and the popularity of golf, Delta Golf Sierra has one of the highest rates of lightning fatalities in the world. Skiing is also very popular, and can be done year-round on the highest peaks of the Sierras. The most popular spectator sports are baseball in the warmer months and hockey in the colder months.

Image:golf_mountains_small.jpg Image:Skiing_small.jpg

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